Nº 45 Studio | 45 Frederick St | Edinburgh

Sue TorKingTon

Nº 45 Studio

Frederick St, Edinburgh

Sue runs City Headshots in Edinburgh and holds a BA (Distinction) in Professional Photography. She has a passion for excellence in both photography and customer service. She has previously worked in a corporate environment and understands how important your personal brand is in making the right first impressions and building trust with your clients. In her capable hands, you will feel relaxed and comfortable in her friendly studio where she will use her expertise in lighting to create the perfect images for you and your company.

Want Consistent team headshots?

Look no further! City Headshots are experts at controlling light to give consistent team headshots - even when they are taken on different days and at different locations!


Give us your company photography guidelines and we will match the style of your new headshots to any existing ones, saving you from having to do them all again.


Nº 45 Studio | 45 Frederick Street | Edinburgh